A multigenerational story that explores how tragedies narrowly averted can alter the course of lives as drastically as those met head-on, Icebergs follows two families through love, war, and fate from World War II to the present.

Walt Dunmore and Alister Clark are the only members of their B-24 bomber crew to survive a plane wreck on the Labrador coast. Injured, freezing, and alone, they must find a way to survive in the sub-zero wilderness and wait for a rescue that may not come in time.

On the home front, in a small Canadian farming community, Walt’s young wife, Dottie, struggles with her own battles, including loneliness, worry, and an attraction to an itinerant farm worker. She meets and befriends Alister’s wife, Adele, but when only one man comes home alive from Labrador, neither woman is prepared for the direction her life will take her.

Years later, when both families relocate to Chicago, questions of loyalty and bravery ensnare their children. Caroline Clark’s close relationship with her mother is both her greatest asset and biggest obstacle. Sam Dunmore, now an American citizen, must decide whether or not to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a soldier on the eve of the escalation of the Vietnam War. The novel follows the characters into old age, when decades-old secrets illuminate the present and the past, including death and survival, war and domesticity, love and deceit.